Acajou uit de moederlijn van Lardi-ante wint in Florida (USA)

De 7 jarige bruine merrie Acajou en Ilan Bluman winnen op zaterdag 17 december in Ocala Florida de Nitriton Future Prix. Acajou stamt van moederszijde uit onze NL merrielijn 027 en gaat terug op de prestatieverervers  Argentinus, Larome en Heidelberg.

Bluman spoke about the talented young mare, “Acajou is a seven-year-old mare that I have owned for almost a year. She is getting better with each ride. She has a bit of a mare temperament and can be a little tough at times, but she is always clear. She tries her heart out in the ring and is a naturally fast horse. The plan today was to use her carefulness and speed in the jump-off.”